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Why is it so hard to effectively systemise a business?

According to Gartner, between 50-70% of CRM projects fail. And Harvard Business Review reported that 90% of CRM systems are not contributing to business growth. Out of the box solutions are never a perfect fit for what your business needs, but bespoke builds are far more likely to fail. We know that many businesses are missing out on revenue through poor systemisation and have identified numerous opportunities ranging from the hundreds of thousands to millions per annum.

Meet the CRM that keeps the promises others break

We developed our proprietary Synergy technology as a way of making the Maximizer CRM almost infinitely customisable, whilst mitigating most of the risk of a bespoke build. Through this low code, rapid deployment approach, we’re able to properly systemise almost every aspect of your business, reducing human error, automating repetitive tasks to reduce cost, catching missed revenue opportunities and providing meaningful, actionable reporting that you can use to drive change.

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